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Signs that Your Throttle Position Sensor is Faulty and Needs Replacement


The purpose of the throttle position sensor would be to provide information to the automobile's computer regarding the status of the vehicle's throttle. It's made up of electro-mechanical components that though efficient are prone to tear and wear. A malfunctioning TPS could lead to improper or no information being fed into the automobile's computer, which monitors engine performance, in regard to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


This will mess up your car a while lot hence is easy to figure out especially if you know what to look for. The largest difficulty with a TPS is it is so small and complicated, that fixing it's always out of the question. Nevertheless, the great news is, an adequate TPS is not that tough on your pocket.


This is the very first thing which you will notice. The light is intended to let you know, the motorist, which something is wrong with a part of the automobile, or its own detector.


Bucking and Jerking/Hesitation Whilst Accelerating


Another frequent symptom associated with a poor TPS is that the jerking of the vehicle, particularly when accelerating. Without appropriate inputs in the TPS, the on-board PC is not able to direct the motor to work at optimal levels.


Idle Surging


This issue usually comes in combination with the aforementioned one. Very similar to getting jerks while hastening, using a faulty TPS, the vehicle controller chip can't tell whether the throttle is totally closed while the vehicle is idling. You must read all about this from the Aftermarket modifications website.


Sudden Stalling of this Engine


This can occur anytime, with no type of warning, while driving or idling. The TPS may give a poor input signal, prompting the motor to stall. This is not only a nuisance but also bad to the tires and risky to other road users especially if the motor stalls when you are in moving traffic. These are also found at the website for auto mechanics.


Sudden Surge in Speed when Driving on the Highway


This is an especially hazardous situation. What generally happens is that at high rates, the butterfly valve within the throttle may end up, and should the driver pushes the pedal harder, the valve 'pops' open unexpectedly, giving the car an accidental burst of speed. All this happens when the detector is not able to discover the closed position of the controller.


Any way you look at it, neglecting to replace the TPS will cost you. The largest reason behind this being your automobile using elevated quantities of gas, since the TPS will not let it the appropriate measurement. The detector costs less than just $ 100 and if you know your way around your car or truck, you do not even have to visit a mechanic to perform the job. Be sure to check out this website at for more details about body shops.